More than ever children and their families need help to be safe and to recover from domestic violence and abuse. 

Thanks to donations from people like you we were able to help Thomas. Thomas struggled with a lack of self esteem and found it difficult to grow closer to the people around him. Even a cuddle with a loved one became a scary situation, rather than a feeling of warmth and safety. 

Thomas witnessed extreme violence towards his mother by his father which had left Thomas very angry. Thomas became violent at home and had been exhibiting aggressive behaviour since the age of 2/3 years. 

Together, the SAFE worker and Thomas worked on appropriate strategies for managing anger, which included making a stress ball, having a calming down glitter jar and using breathing techniques from ‘The Angry Octopus’ story. Thomas also enjoyed colouring so he was given his own colouring book and pens to use at home.

Towards the end of their work together, Thomas was keen to share with us how much he was enjoying the sessions with his SAFE worker. "I feel special and proud that I attended, it feels good to talk about my angry feelings" said Thomas.

Mum was relieved to tell us she has seen a huge improvement in Thomas’s behaviour at home and was able to offer him rewards which made him excited.  Thomas began to notice the links between his positive behaviour and positive attention and rewards at home. 

Now, Thomas loves a cuddle and feels safety and comfort in his mother’s arms. That is thanks to people like you.

SAFE has helped many children across Devon overcome the harm caused by domestic violence and to live a happy and violence-free life, keeping them safe now, safe always. We need your support to continue this vital work.

You can help a child like Thomas today by giving a small amount to our Safe Now Safe Always appeal.