Alice was in an abusive relationship with her ex-partner for three years. Alice received help from SAFE during the breakdown of her relationship. She attended the Pattern Change course as well as receiving one-to-one support. This gave her the tools to not only recognise that the abuse was not her fault, but also to empower her by living a life she wouldn’t even have dared to dream of.

Alice did the Pattern Change course in January 2013. Her abusive partner was still in her life at the time even though they had separated. Alice had pressed charges against him for the physical abuse she had received previously. Her ex-partner used every tactic he could to try and win Alice’s trust back from being charming and loving to being aggressive and stalking. Alice thought that he would never leave her alone and that this was her life forever.

When Alice finished the Pattern Change course not only did she manage to stay away from him but she started living life again. During the course Alice found goal setting very difficult and thought she would never be able to achieve anything. This changed when she booked a one way ticket to Thailand. She did a TEFL course in Phuket (teaching English as a foreign language). “I spent ten months teaching in Thailand and two months teaching in China. I then travelled around Asia. When it was time to come home a friend and I challenged ourselves to get back to the UK by land. We took the trans-Siberian train across Russia. It was fabulous! “

Since returning to the UK Alice has gone on to set up her own business and continues to use everything that she learned in Pattern Change on a daily basis. Alice says “I can't thank SAFE enough for the opportunities they gave me by putting me on the Pattern Change programme, I will always be grateful that I was empowered to leave my relationship and live my dreams”.

Image taken from Tran-Siberian train of the Gobi dessert 2015.

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