Alice's story

Alice was in an abusive relationship with her ex-partner for three years. Alice received help from SAFE during the breakdown of her relationship. She attended the Pattern Change course as well as receiving one-to-one support. This gave her the tools to not only recognise that the abuse was not her fault, but also to empower her by living a life she wouldn’t even have dared to dream of.Read more

Rebecca's story

At the age of five Rebecca witnessed her mum’s former partner break into their home. He punched and kicked holes in walls, broke furniture, and yelled and screamed at her mum threatening to kill her until the police came and removed him. Rebecca felt scared at home and would not leave her mum’s side.. After a few months with SAFE, she is feeling much calmer.Read more

Max's story

Max is seven years old and has witnessed physical, verbal and emotional abuse by his father towards his mother. After SAFE worked closely with Max on our Children and Families Programme, Max has made remarkable progress.Read more

The importance of listening

Rosie Hannigan, one of our amazing volunteers, tells the story of how her recent trip to Israel left her thinking about the true meaning of the work she does with us here at SAFE. A very moving piece of writing.Read more

Interview with a survivor

Keeping in touch with survivors is very important at SAFE. We caught up with Marie who did our pattern changing course 5 years ago and is still reaping the rewards.Read more