It is important to remember that domestic abuse is a crime and should be treated as such. Domestic abuse has always been an issue in the UK but it is only over recent decades that we have started to acknowledge the problem. On the one hand, it may look as if the situation is getting worse, however it may be that more domestic abuse is being reported.

Did you know?

  • Two women are murdered every week in the UK by their violent partners.
  • According to Safelives 130,000 children are living in homes where there is a risk of murder or serious harm for the adult victim (usually mum)
  • 70%-80% of child protection cases involve domestic abuse. 
  • One in four women in England and Wales will experience domestic violence in their lifetimes and 8% will suffer domestic violence in any given year (Crime Survey of England and Wales, 2013/14)
  • According to the NSPCC 90% of domestic abuse incidents happen with children in the same or next room.
  • According to a report by the Department of Health 2004, 30% of domestic violence starts during pregnancy or escalates at this time. 
  • The cost to services such as the criminal justice system, health, housing, social services, legal services and amounts to around £3.8 billion a year.