Here at SAFE we celebrate major breakthroughs for successful campaigns which will change the future for many victims who have suffered abuse. 

January 2017 marks the one year anniversary of the launch of Child First: Safe Child Contact Saves Lives campaign, run by the national domestic abuse charity, Women's Aid. 

The campaign has brought attention to the way that the family law courts are conducted. In many  cases, the victim who has suffered at the hands of their perpetrator, has continued to be belittled through the court system, by the perpetrator being able to cross examine the victim. At present, women survivors of domestic abuse face a number of unacceptable challenges when in the family court. Their own and their children’s safety is frequently being compromised.

The research carried out by Women’s Aid regarding this very serious matter, has caused quite a stir. The results showed that a quarter of victims going through the family courts system, were being cross examined by the perpetrator. This has led the Secretary of Justice, Liz Truss MP to call for an emergency review to determine how to ban perpetrators from continuing to cross examine their victims, which would lead to a significant shift in government policy. 

All of the efforts of those who have contributed toward this campaign, have formed a huge collective voice and made a difference to the way the future family court hearings will proceed. An amazing effort and well done to everyone involved! 

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