We are very excited to launch our new website. We hope that you enjoy the fresh new look and being able to gain access to important information about our services and domestic abuse quickly and easily. 

Our old website was behind the times. Not only was the site difficult to update, but it wasn't mobile responsive and it couldn't take on line donations. As a small charity we are increasingly reliant on fund raisers and individual donors for support to continue our services.  We knew we had to take action. We wanted a website that would promote our vital support services and work to end violence and abuse.

We wanted to be able to reach out to people through a digital platform and share the many fundraising opportunities and ways people can help us keep families safe.

We received a grant through The Transform Foundation and began working with Raising IT- a company based in London who specialise in charity websites. After a trip down to London to meet the team we were all very excited to get started on our digital quest. We also joined forces with a local web designer from Out Of The Hat Advertising, and worked very hard together to get the new site up and running within three months. 

What this means to us?

To have a up to date working website is going to make a huge difference to SAFE and we hope most importantly the individuals, families and communities we work with.We will be able to update information easily and quickly as well as being able to keep in touch with all our supporters and give them the thanks that they deserve. 

We will be better able to raise awareness of domestic violence and abuse, as well as supporting our volunteers and fundraisers.This new website will be an important tool which will help us drive SAFE towards a strong and stable future.

Reaching more people through a stronger digital presence will help us end domestic violence and abuse for future generations. 

Working together, we really can stop abuse for everyone.