One step closer towards new law protecting women

At SAFE we’re following the progress of planned new legislation which will help us in our work and provide better services for the people we’re supporting.

On February 1st a parliamentary committee approved a proposal calling on the Government to make the  Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic  Violence Bill a part of UK law.

The committee was told that the Government is ‘absolutely committed’ to doing this.

If it happens, the Government will have to provide funding for domestic violence shelters, rape crisis centres, and 24/7 helplines; ensure education on healthy relationships in schools, and support awareness-raising campaigns.

This could lead to us receiving more money from the Government to fund the work we do -  helping people affected by domestic abuse to rebuild their lives, raising awareness, and working to change the beliefs and attitudes and lead to abusive behaviour.

We welcome the Prime Minister Theresa May’s announcement on February 18th that she plans to bring in new laws to tackle domestic abuse, but we feel that the measures and standards already outlined in the Bill should be part and parcel of any reform.

The next step in the process towards this Bill becoming law takes place this Friday, 24th February, and will need the support of 100 MPs in the Commons. We’ve emailed all  Devon’s  MPs urging them to turn up and back the Bill, and you can all do your bit by contacting your own MP and asking them to get behind it. You can find out more, sign a petition and get information on how you can help the campaign here