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This year we have benefited from the first full year of the work of our strong CEO and she is leading the charity well. She has been on a steep learning curve and has gained a very good understanding of the culture, political situation in Devon and Exeter and of the internal and external personalities. She has built quality relationships with multi-agency organisations becoming a strong ambassador and raising our public profile. The CEO has gained respect and trust of the staff and this has enabled her to support them through a difficult year. The board has continued to attract new members and now we have nine trustees with a diversity of skills and experience who all work well together strongly. 

Through this we have been able to gain more funding for a much needed Volunteers Co ordinator. Thanks to the Tudor trust we have secured this role for three years. In turn we have attracted more vital and enthusiastic volunteers who are able to help our service users as well raising funds and our profile. This is very promising for the year ahead. 

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This challenging year that began so badly for the charity, with the loss of core funding, services and staff, has ended well. After much hard work and perseverance by the trustees and staff, Stop Abuse For Everyone (SAFE) is now firmly re-established with new leadership, staff, funding streams and contracts. The charity is optimistic and looking forward to the future.

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This has been a very difficult year for SAFE. At the beginning of the year, while anticipating that it would be a tough one, everyone in the charity was optimistic and prepared to take on the challenges ahead. The year has seen many job and services losses due to funding cuts. Within the organisation we share a passion and commitment to supporting victims and their families who have suffered from domestic abuse and violence and we will continue to fight this cause despite the huge changes.

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