Domestic violence hurts all children.

At SAFE we recognise that many boys and young men express their distress much more outwardly then girls. For example by becoming aggressive and acting up, using violence to try to solve problems and having trouble in school and with their peers.

Many older boys referred to SAFE are at risk of exclusion from school and the use of drugs and alcohol. For many boys and young men masculinity is associated with dominance, violence and being tough; adding to their distress.

Male workers in our Boys2Men programme help free boys and young men from these restrictive notions of masculinity. Through age appropriate activities they help them and their families to recover from the harmful impact of violence in the home.  


The programme helps boys and young men to:

  • explore feelings and emotions relating to their abusive parent (usually a father or step father) and non-abusive parent (usually mum)
  • understand responsibility for violence sits with the person using violence
  • understand their feelings and identify positive ways to cope with difficult emotions
  • identify their strengths, and use them to achieve their goals
  • solve problems in positive ways and re-engage with school and their education
  • raise awareness and build skills for healthy and respectful relationships

The programme helps parents to

  • understand the impact of domestic violence on their son, themselves and the family
  • parent their son with confidence and leadership
  • strengthen their relationship with their son

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