We provide therapeutic services to help children, young people and their non abusive parent move on from abuse as a result of domestic violence. Children who have experienced domestic violence and abuse may experience behavioural and emotional difficulties as a result. 

We see children aged between 5 and 17 years. Each child is assigned an experienced children and families worker. Sometimes children don't understand their feelings and don't have the words to describe how they feel. Younger children can enjoy activities like messy play. Writing, storytelling and art are all things that children of any age can use to help them understand and express feelings that they can't put into words.

Our sessions are tailored to meet every child's individual needs and strengths. We aim to help children resolve experiences of violence and abuse that they may not have told anyone about.  Weekly sessions take place where the child feels comfortable; this may be in school, at home or somewhere safe in the community. 

Building a therapeutic relationship is central. Over time children learn to trust us with their worries and concerns and often look forward to their weekly sessions. The aim of these sessions is to help children feel better, feel safer, understand and express their feelings and enable them to seek help in more positive ways.

We also talk to their parents or carers to help the whole family. They are offered some individual sessions in person or over the phone. We aim to empower parents and carers in their parenting role as they are the most important person to promote their child’s resilience and wellbeing. We help parents recognise what may be trauma behaviours and work with them to identify strategies that help their child’s recovery. 

Sometimes the relationship between a parent and child has been harmed by abuse and violence. We provide opportunities for children and parents to work together in sessions or group activity days to strengthen their relationship and have fun.

Our children and families workers also support schools to understand the impact of violence and abuse on a child and how they can support the child effectively within the school setting. 

In addition we offer some group programmes for children and parents.

Find out how you can change a child's life and keep them safe from harm. For more information please contact Fleur Beuchler by email [email protected] 

Testimonials from some of the families we have supported:

"I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you and the staff for your significant contribution to the people and domestic abuse programme."

"This work has made the most tangible positive difference to these boys that I've observed from a service in a long time."

"The service has made a big difference to my son."

"The service has supported my family to change in a very positive way giving my boys the future they deserve."

Helping Hands.

Helping Hands is a programme for children. The aim of the programme is to support children who have been affected by abuse do the following things: 

  • To develop children’s levels of self-esteem and confidence.
  • Enable children to explore and express different feelings.
  • Encourage children to seek support when needed.
  • Empower children to identify their own personal support network i.e. who their safe adults are.
  • Identify healthy ways to manage conflict. 

The above can help teach children to express feelings, make choices and solve problems safely. We use various forms of play to achieve the above, such as arts and crafts, lego, sand tray play, puppet role play. Children will also be given some practical resources to use at home such as glitter jars, worries boxes and other exploration games. 



Photo credit to Lucy Holding Photography.