Pattern Changing

Our Pattern Changing course is for women who are, or who have been, in an abusive relationship. This course promotes your right to live free from violence and abuse in your relationships, as well as fostering self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth by focusing on you and your needs.

A range of topics are covered. We explore the harm caused by abuse, how to recognise abuse in relationships and strategies to begin the journey of healing and recovery.

The course is offered in a safe, women only environment and provides you with the opportunity to share and talk about your experiences if you choose and at your own pace.  

Women who have completed the course say:

"It has made me a better person, I like myself and enjoy my life and not feeling guilty.”

"Made me realise that I am not alone. I can now see the patterns of all my abusive relationships and understand how and why I got into them.”

"It is a life changing course and gives hope for the future.”

"Improved confidence. Improved understanding of 'okay' and 'not okay’."

"I look at most things differently now and have a brighter outlook on life, I have loads more confidence and feel I can deal with things better."

Pattern Changing runs once a week (2.5 hours) over 12 weeks. We charge a one-off admin fee of £30 to attend this course.

You and Me, Mum.

You and Me, Mum is a ten week course for mothers who have experienced domestic violence and abuse. The aim of the course is to promote understanding and address the impact of domestic abuse on parenting.

This is done partly through discussion of the following topics:

•The effects of domestic abuse on women as mothers and on children and young people

•Effective communication skills with children and young people

•Healthy and non-violent relationships

•Protective behaviours and strategies for keeping mothers, children and young people safe

Additionally, supportive group work will raise awareness of the many needs of both you and your children. You will be gently encouraged and guided through this course which will help nurture and rebuild your relationship with your children. 

Would you like to empower a woman to change her life today? 

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