Fundraising is all about bringing people together and having fun whilst raising money for those in need. At SAFE we are very passionate about fundraising and we believe that there is something out there for everyone who wants to make a difference. Have a look through our ideas and see what takes your fancy!


Whether you want to run 5k, 10k a half marathon or a full marathon, your friends and family will be super impressed by your efforts and will sponsor you.


You could do a bake sale, sell some of your old clothes, make some Christmas cards, or other arts and crafts. Sell the goods and donate the earnings to SAFE.

Hold a raffle 

Ask local businesses to donate raffle prizes. Sell raffle tickets and draw the tickets out of a hat. Please note that with raffles there are laws that will need to be adhered to. Click here to read about selling raffle tickets legally.

Come Dine With Me 

Host a Come Dine With Me type of event with some of your friends. You all take it in turns to cook for each other and rate each other just like on the show. All participants pay the equivalent of what they would pay in a restaurant for their meal but that money goes to SAFE.

Hold an event 

Hire a venue and organise an event, get musicians to play, or maybe do a quiz, sell tickets on the door to raise money.

Team events 

A relay race, a midnight walk, a dog walk, team building, fun runs.

Car wash 

Ask your local supermarket if you can borrow their car park and wash cars. Make a sign with your prices and let people know that all profits go to SAFE.

Fancy dress or non uniform

Dress up for the day at work or go to work wearing casual clothes instead of office wear. Don't forget to get permission from the boss first! 


 Are you good at something? Why not organise a small class to show other people how to do it? Charge people a fee.

Give something up 

Smoking/alcohol/chocolate. Anything that is bad for you and you want to go without it for a while. Set yourself a goal of how long you think you could do it for (don’t forget to make it challenging) and get people to sponsor you.