Get online

  • Create your sponsor page - Set up an online page.
  • Personalise your page. Maybe you know someone who has been affected? Include facts of domestic abuse, let people know why it is so important that they sponsor you for SAFE. Add photos, tell the story.
  • Start sharing on social media - By sharing your page, it couldn't be easier to connect with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages. Those that share their campaigns online get 40% more donations than those that don’t. 

  • You can share your progress- Keep people intrigued by sharing your progress. Maybe you are going to run a marathon for us and you want to keep people informed of your training sessions. This is a great way to keep sharing your page - if people see that you are taking it seriously then they are more likely to part with their money and sponsor you.

Involve your workplace

  • Getting your place of work involved in an fundraising event can be great for team bonding and raising your business profile. 
  • With permission from your employer you can send a link around by email to your work colleagues so they can sponsor you through your online page.
  • Its always worth speaking to your HR department or boss to see if the company will reward you for your efforts. They may even match your funds.

Local press

  • Try and speak to local newspapers, magazines or radio. The more people who know about what you are doing the more money you will raise. Local media channels are always keen to hear people's stories and what is motivating you to be the hero that you are.
  • As we really appreciate the effort you guys put in to raise money for our services, we would love to share a link to your page on our own website. Some of our donors prefer to sponsor fundraisers and therefore this will give them a chance to see what people are doing to help us. 

Gift aid

  • Dont forget to gift aid! SAFE can claim back extra funds from the tax man with no extra cost to the donor. How amazing is that! The donor must be paying tax in the U.K to qualify for Gift Aid so always make sure that your donors are aware of this. Click here for more information on how Gift Aid works.