Why we measure our impact 

Our services and projects at SAFE seek to make a positive difference in people’s lives. We help adult and child victims of domestic violence to be safe, to recover from harm and to gain control of their lives, choices and wellbeing. Measuring our impact, that is, the difference our services and projects make is important and helps us to continuously improve our work. 

Measuring our impact also informs our partners and donors about the effectiveness of our work, not only to show value for money but more importantly to be accountable. 

During 2016 we have been reviewing our approach and systems to manage our data and the leading industry evaluation tools and techniques to obtain objective measures. In 2017 we will be upgrading our systems and processes to gain greater insight and clarity on the positive difference our services make to people’s lives. 

How we measure how impact 

Our services are focused on the safety and the needs of those affected by domestic violence and abuse. Many have complex and challenging needs as a result of the harm caused by violence and/or other vulnerabilities and disadvantages that they face. 

We tailor our support to promote safety, reduce the risk of further harm and meet the needs of each adult, child and family we work with. Our initial assessment ensures we understand their needs from their perspective and our support is based on what they need, what is most important to them. It builds on their strengths and resources from the beginning. We aim to ensure that our work and practice reflects the voice of each individual and their family. We work closely not only with the individual and their family, but with other professionals that they may be in touch with such as teachers, social workers and other support providers to achieve the same. 

We recognise that the many myths and misconceptions about domestic violence, those who use violence and those affected, can be harmful and get in the way of individuals and their families getting the help they need to be safe and able to recover from harm. Our services play a critical role in helping and advocating for victims to get the right support at the right time from police, courts, child welfare and family law ensuring their voices, needs and goals are at the centre of every decision. 

Our systems measure the difference we make in helping victims to be and feel safe, to recover from harm and to gain control and independence over their lives.