Our impact is always greater when we can work together. We work tirelessly to help all of our amazing partners play their part to keep adult and child victims safe and to prevent domestic violence and abuse for future generations. Our staff have the skills, experience and expertise to tailor a partnership to be right for your organisation or company. 

Current partnerships

Devon Domestic and Sexual Violence (DSVA) Alliance is a large network of voluntary and statutory organisations and community members working together to end domestic and sexual violence and abuse. Devon County Council and the Alliance has worked tirelessly to develop a Devon –wide strategy to end domestic and sexual violence. 

SAFE is a key partner member of the Alliance helping to finalise the strategy and oversee its implementation. 

Action for Children, Exeter Community Initiatives, The Children's Society and Stop Abuse for Everyone have joined forces to deliver our women’s Pattern Change courses. These courses provide women affected by domestic violence with a safe space to bond and talk about their experiences; reduce feelings of shame, guilt and isolation; and focus on women’s strengths and their capacity to change their own and their children’s lives for the better. Through this partnership we are able to increase access to this highly sought after course across Devon. This partnership has also enabled our organisations to share and cross-pollinate knowledge and expertise for the benefit of the women and families we work with.