This is the most important appeal I have ever written.

SAFE is facing an unprecedented financial crisis which is forcing me and my team to make decisions I never imagined we would face just twelve months ago. Decisions that will impact the lives of hundreds of adult and child victims of domestic abuse.

Due to decreases in private and public funding as well as a number of our grants are coming to an end during March and June this year SAFE faces an uncertain future. We are working hard to secure more funding, but things are tougher than I imagined and it is unlikely we will secure all the funds we need.  From March and again in June we face cuts to our services.

Without your help, the cuts I will be forced to make will mean losing good staff, reducing our services and worse, having to turn away many adults and children seeking support from our programmes.

Your donations help ensure continued services. What ever you can give, whether its once or through regular giving, no matter how large or small, will make a big difference.  

Can you help fundraise? Our supporters have ran marathons, baked cakes and hosted events helping SAFE raise the funds we need to keep services going.