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What is domestic violence and abuse?

Any violent, abusive or controlling behaviour by someone close to you - usually a partner or an ex-partner or a family member – is domestic violence and abuse. The abuse can be physical, emotional, verbal, sexual or financial. It can include bullying, threats, humiliation and isolation – you can experience domestic violence and abuse without having broken bones or bruises.

All children and young people living with domestic violence and abuse are also at risk of emotional harm and in some cases may be directly abused as well.

Who experiences domestic violence and abuse?

ANYONE can experience domestic violence and abuse - it can occur regardless of ethnicity, religion, class, gender, age, sexuality, disability or lifestyle. It can also occur in a range of relationships including heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender. Stop Abuse For Everyone aims to support all sections of the community.

Stop Abuse for Everyone (SAFE) would like to thank you for your support during the last difficult weeks. SAFE will continue their work of nearly 40 years with all those affected by domestic violence and abuse, delivering (albeit much reduced) excellent and experienced services.

SAFE will continue to deliver services that are funded outside the tendering process:-

  • IDVA services : 2 full time advocacy workers one attached to the Specialist Domestic Violence Court the other working in East and Mid Devon
  • A full-time male worker who works with young men and boys, between the ages of 11 and 25 years
  • Community work with children
  • Awareness raising sessions in schools and colleges
  • Pattern Changing Courses

SAFE will be working in close cooperation with Domestic Violence and Abuse Safeguarding Services in Devon to be delivered from April 1st 2014 by Splitz Support Service – many SAFE staff will continue their work with them. The new service will operate across Devon providing outreach support through 1 to 1 contact, telephone support and structured group initiatives to a range of female and male adult victims, children and young people to secure their safety and aid their recovery from the impact of domestic violence and abuse. They will also provide voluntary perpetrator programmes (known as Repair.)

Devon Domestic Abuse Support Service:
Telephone: 0345 155 1074 
Referrals: referrals@splitzdevon.org.cjsm.net
Enquiries: admin@splitzdevon.org

For any enquiries for SAFE services: please call 030 30 30 0112.

The Board of SAFE intend to work towards re-establishing safe accommodation in Exeter for women and children fleeing domestic violence.

If you would like to get involved as a volunteer, to donate funding and to support SAFE to continue its work and to re-establish a new Refuge in Exeter - we would welcome you.

Contact us at info@safe-services.org.uk.

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